February is dental month!

Descale and polish for only £170

Dog Dentist

We all know how important good dental care is for us, but it’s just as important for our furry friends.

For the month of February we’re offering a reduced price for your pet’s dental treatment, Only £170 for descale and polish Offer ends 28.02.2019

So call the practice today and get them booked in to get those pearly whites shining!

Call today – 01707274828

Did You Know These Pet Facts?

  • 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show some signs of tooth and mouth disease by the age of 3….
  • poor dental health can lead to bad breath (halitosis), loose teeth and tooth loss, mouth pain and poor appetite….
  • dental disease can cause serious health problems where bacteria from the teeth enter the blood and can affect the heart, kidneys and liver….
  • preventative dental care in the form of brushing and dentals can significantly improve your pet’s health and quality of life….






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