Terms and conditions of Village Veterinary Surgery Health Plan When registering for the health plan subscription, you are accepting these terms and conditions. It is important to read them carefully, and please ask a member of staff if you have any queries If you would like a copy of these terms and conditions – please ask at reception. 

  1. The Village Veterinary Surgery Health Plan is a rolling annual preventative healthcare programme. VetsDeliver is a home delivery subscription service designed to make it easier to protect your pet from parasites. Village Veterinary Surgery Health Plan membership is not an insurance policy. 
  2. Your subscription constitutes an agreement between you and Village Veterinary Surgery. Membership and benefits are not transferable to another practice. 
  3. Village Veterinary Surgery members will receive discounted products and services during the course of their membership including, but not limited to, 
  • Annual vaccination
  • Kennel cough vaccination at 50%
  • A year’s supply of flea control
  • A year’s supply of worming control including lungworm
  • Microchip (if applicable)
  • Clip nails /empty anal glands if applicable by a nurse twice a year
  • A six-monthly vet health check in between annual boosters
  • 10% discount on dental procedures and on selected ongoing medications
  1. When you take out your subscription Village Veterinary Surgery will collect your first month’s payment by cash or card. Subsequent payments will be collected via monthly Direct Debit 
  2. Unless you tell us you would prefer not to, you may receive text message reminders during the course of your subscription. 
  3. Of course, your pet can still receive treatment outside the scope of your membership and this will be charged in accordance with the practice’s normal fees, terms and conditions. 
  4. These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with any additional information including, but not limited to, literature provided by the practice detailing what is included in your membership. That literature forms part of these terms and conditions. 
  5. Your responsibilities – you are responsible for following our vets’ and nurses’ guidance, and for ensuring you apply/administer your pet’s treatment to ensure they remain free of parasites. We will need to see your pet at regular intervals so that we can check their health and renew their

prescription (at least 12 months). Whilst we make every effort to send out reminders for your pet’s healthcare, these are provided as a complimentary service and the responsibility to keep them up-to date remains with you. Please book your pet’s health check as soon as you can to ensure there are no unnecessary gaps in their protection against parasites. There is no additional charge for this health check. 

  1. Membership for each pet will renew automatically on the anniversary of the date that your pet’s subscription began unless your vet advises that there should be a change in your pet’s treatment. 
  2. We will tell you in advance, in writing, if there is to be a change in membership fees. We will always give you at least 30 days notice of any change in fees as a result of our annual review. 
  3. Failed Direct Debit payments, eg because of a lack of available funds, cause a significant increase in administration costs for the practice. We reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £10 for each failed payment. This administration charge will be added to your account. 
  4. After a failed Direct Debit payment, we will re-present our payment request to your bank after 3-5 working days. 
  5. If the second payment request also fails, a second administration charge may be added to your account. We will make a third and final payment request to your bank after a further 3-5 working days. If this payment request is unsuccessful your subscription will be cancelled automatically and your pet will no longer receive the associated benefits or any discounts which have been applied. 
  6. If your subscription is cancelled automatically because of failed direct debits, your account will be reviewed and you will be charged the full price of any products or services received during the course of your subscription, minus any subscription payments received to date. 
  7. Ending our agreement / cancelling your membership: 
  • You may cancel your membership by giving us not less than two weeks’ notice. 
  • If you cancel your membership before your anniversary date, we will review your account and, where applicable, charge you retrospectively the full price of any products and services received during the course of your membership, minus any membership fees received to date. 
  • We may end our agreement by giving you written notice as outlined below. 
  1. Unpaid bills relating to your subscription fees or medicines dispensed will be handled in accordance with our standard terms and conditions (available on request) and may be referred to a third-party debt collection agency. 
  2. Notice:
  • With regard to this agreement, either party wishing to give notice to the other should do so in writing. 
  • ‘In writing’ includes emails, letters sent by post, or delivered by hand. 
  • When we write to you by post, we will use the address most recently provided. 
  • If you wish to write to us, please use the email address villageveterinarysurgery@gmail.com 

Should you ever have cause to complain about the service you receive, please follow the practice’s normal complaints procedure (available on request). 

How we use your information 

  1. Village Veterinary Surgery will hold and use your personal data (as defined by UK data protection laws) for the purpose of administering your subscription. 
  2. Village Veterinary Surgery may record and monitor inbound and outbound telephone calls for training purposes. These calls may also be referred to in relation to any future queries. 
  3. We will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the security of your data. Your data will not be shared with anyone else unless there is a legal requirement for us to do so. 
  4. You have the right to see your personal data. If you have any queries about the data we hold, or how we use it, please write to Village Veterinary Surgery, 8 Manor Parade, Hatfield, AL109JS

Garden Village Vets is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 07535515  whose registered office is at 8 Manor Parade, Hatfield, AL109JS