Advanced technology and AI - We are at the front!

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionise veterinary practice by providing us Vets with advanced diagnostic and treatment tools, as well as improving the overall efficiency and accuracy of the care we can provide to your pets.
We have been actively looking for ways to improve and be in the front and proud to be one of the first practices to adopt pioneer technologies


X-rays Diagnosis


Signal pet: Our second set of eyes


SignalPET was created to help vets gain more diagnostic value from traditional radiographs. Powered by patented artificial intelligence, we are now instantly supported by the most advanced technology medicine has to offer. SignalPET provides a second set of eyes for routine radiology screenings, offering an objective, reliable interpretation of radiographic test results on every study in 10 minutes or less.

We have been one of the first practices in the country to use the system in mid-2021 when practical AI was in its very early stages.

Cytology, Faecal tests and blood smears


Fast track for cytology interpretation

FNA (fine needle aspiration) is a minimally invasive procedure that helps us with the diagnosis of lumps.
The traditional route of investigating skin lumps involves taking a sample and sending it to the laboratory to allow the specialist to look at it and provide us with a report. The process usually takes a week.

We are proud to introduce two new technologies that will completely transform this process and make it more accurate and quick


HT Vista

The first non-invasive AI-based technology to rule out malignant skin tumours.
We are now the first practice in the country to start a trial with this latest technology that allows ruling out malignancy in skin lumps without taking a physical sample. We can get the results within a few minutes.


In case we have decided to sample a lump we have now a new technology that allows us to send a high-resolution image directly to the pathologist and get a detailed report from a specialist at any time of the day within 2 HOURS instead of a week. We can now make quick decisions when it comes to malignant tumours. This is a true revolution!

IMAGYST is also a learning system that classifies intestinal parasites with high accuracy to help us make a reliable and quick diagnosis for patients.
Up till recently a faecal sample needed to be sent to the lab to get results. The process could have taken up to 10 days.
With this latest technology, we can get the results in less than 20min!

The same technology helps us get an accurate and quick blood smear interpretation



We promise to continue and explore new revolutionary and reliable ways to improve the care and service we can provide.