There have now been updates about how you can go about taking your pet to the EU after 1st January 2021.

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Where does the UK stand now as far as Pet Travel to EU goes?

As of Jan 1st 2021, UK Pet Passports are no longer going to be accepted for animals travelling from the UK to EU countries.  You can still use a previously issued Pet Passport to:

a) return back to the UK if you are abroad in the EU after Jan 1st 2021.

b) to travel onwards  from current EU member states to other EU member states after Jan 1st 2021. (not the UK)

If you are wanting to take your pet abroad after Jan 1st 2021 then you will need a new Animal Health Certificate (AHC).

**Animals travelling to Northern Ireland from England, Wales and Scotland will also require an AHC to travel.**

How does the Animal Health Certificate (AHC) process work?

Your pet must be microchipped.

This will need to be checked/inserted prior to any rabies vaccines. This can be done at the same appointment if required.

You must have a rabies vaccine.

  • Pets must be over 12 weeks old.  The rabies vaccine can NOT be given within 2 weeks of any other vaccination.

    The vaccine we currently use lasts for THREE years before booster vaccination will be required.


You CAN’T travel until 21 days AFTER the rabies vaccine.

This is very important as you will need to plan ahead.   Animals risk being quarantined if you travel within this 21 day period.

You do NOT need to have a blood test taken.

The regulations do not require a serological blood test to be taken.  Some animals may have already had samples taken but these are now not required.

You need to know WHERE you will be entering the EU.

This is because we need to obtain the certificate in dual language – English AND the language of the point of entry to the EU.  Please note – it is the country you ENTER the EU and not your final destination.

You MUST complete the application form at the bottom of this page

The form can be accessed here as we will need this information to pre-populate your AHC in advance.  Please complete this carefully and at least 3 weeks before your intended date of travel. 

You will need to see your vet within 10 days prior to travel.

  • The AHC is only valid for 10 days once it has been issued.  You need to plan ahead so you can get your appointment with us within the correct time window for your planned entry into the EU

We will need proof of rabies vaccination.

If your pet has a Pet Passport already, or you have had the rabies vaccine done at our practice then this will suffice as proof.  

However, if your pet has had a rabies vaccine at a different practice and you do not have an existing Pet Passport, then you may require a further rabies vaccine with us and a further 21 day wait.  We strongly suggest you check with us well in advance if you are not sure.

You will need to book a 45 minute appointment.

  • The new AHC is a complex  and time consuming document.  Your vet will need plenty to time to examine your pet, complete and check the documents as well as copy and certify all the other paperwork required.

Your AHC is valid for 10 days for entry…

…  in to the EU and 4 months for onward travel.

However, this does mean that you will require a NEW AHC each time you want to travel to the EU.
Even if this is within close proximity to a previous AHC being issued. 

When RETURNING to the UK, your pet must received a TAPEWORM treatment…

between, 24 and 120 hours (1 and 5 days) BEFORE re-entering the UK.   This will need to be recorded on the AHC certificate and possibly shown to officials at the UK border. 

How much does it cost?

This process is going to be more costly than the old Pet Passport System due to the complexity of  the documentation and the time taken to complete and finalise all your documents.

Each appointment with the vet will be 45 mins long and the cost includes all your documentation at the end required to travel.   Please remember that this will be required every time that you want to take your pet to the EU.

The current price is £150.  For people travelling with more than one pet, each additional animal will cost £100 if done at the same time.  (Prices include VAT). 

You must complete this form before you make your appointment

Application For an AHC

Please complete this form at least 2 weeks in advance of your date of intended travel. Once submitted, please allow 24hrs for processing and then call us to arrange the AHC appointment with the vet.