Kitten Pack Deals


Kitten Vaccination Package £70.00

Protects against Feline Rhinotracheitis Virus, Feline Calici Virus, Feline Panleukopenia virus and Feline Leukaemia Virus.

  • 1st vaccination at 9 weeks of age
  • 2nd vaccination at 12 weeks of age
  • Then a booster yearly (one year from the 2nd vaccination).

Go Green! Please leave an email address or a mobile telephone number for vaccination reminders!

Flea prevention

Fleas are a nuisance. Once in your home they are difficult to get rid of. Appling montlyAdvocate is effective way to prevent flea infestations.

Other options for flea prevention is a very effective flea and tick collar Seresto (last 7-8 months), or stronghold ( spot on montly)

Worm treatment


MIlbamax is abroad spectrum wormer. Unlike many wormers purchased over the counter, Milbamax is effective in killing all types of kitten and cat worms. It is safe from 6 weeks of age. (For those who struggle with tablets, Profender spot on wormer is available).

We advise MIlbamx treatment once monthly until 6 months of age.

From 6 months old, we advise Milbamx every 3 months.


We recommend spay/neuter your pet from 6 months of age. Neutering a male cat at an early age will prevent spraying. Spaying a female cat will prevent hormonal uterine infections (pyometra).


Recommended at the time of 2nd vaccination or at time of spay/neuter (whilst they are asleep!)


When choosing a plan we advise a life cover policy. If your pet falls ill with an ongoing affliction a life cover policy will cover your pet for the whole term of affliction, rather than a year long policy.

Some recommended insurance companies – Agria, Pet plan, Direct line.